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Bundeshandelsakademie Wien 13

Help for Nepal

This year five business schools have set themselves the task of dealing with the situation in Nepal. In 2015 the earthquake destroyed many schools. In general the education in Nepal has been and still is a big problem:

  • There are no well-educated teachers available
  • Girls haven´t got the possibility to go to school because they have to support their families and help in the household
  • In general kids often even don’t have the necessary utensils (backpack and other teaching materials) to attend school
  • Since the earthquake destroyed a lot of buildings, also schools disappeared

As a result, around 57% of girls and 75% of boys who live in Nepal cannot read and write.

The project groups have realized that there is a lack of resources to satisfy the basic needs in Nepal and that education is still not a matter of course nowadays.

Therefore, we have the main aim to help these kids to get a good education.

In addition, the objective that girls don´t have to skip school because of the work at home, is a very important point in this project. They also have the right to go to school and acquire knowledge.

We have the following motto: “Everyone has the right for education!”